Programmable hardware design

At the heart of KittyCAD is our Design API (Application Programming Interface). We’re building it from the ground up, and will only get better as we continue to add new features. Validated through tools built by our team and our customers, our powerful Geometry Engine is optimized for GPU performance. We're solving the toughest problems in hardware design to bring the industry up to speed, so you and your team can focus on creating the tools you need the most.

How to make hardware design fast

  • Scriptability

    Every function of the Design API does one thing and does it well, so you’ll never have unexpected problems assembling them into powerful hardware design features.

  • Parallelization

    Every piece of infrastructure we build is ready for the GPU, which means the software you build will be automatically, unbelievably fast.

  • No Triangles

    No approximations of geometry, no massive data transfers, just dense and accurate boundary representations. Our glTF format extension only includes mesh-based data for interoperability.

KittyCAD fits your workflow

You can use the KittyCAD Design API however it will work best for your tools, because we support:


via an OpenAPI-compliant spec

View the spec


and WebRTC via the same generated spec

View the spec

Client Libraries

for Python, TypeScript, Go, and Rust

View Python docs

Command Line Interface

a handcrafted CLI built with our Rust client

View CLI docs

Hardware design tools are leveling up

By taking an API-first approach, KittyCAD lets you build the design tools you've always wanted. From enterprise-grade CAD modeling suites, to bespoke model generation tools for niche applications, with KittyCAD under the hood, you know that whatever you build will be fast, reliable and ready for users.

See what's possible

Get started today

Our Design API is free to try, and easy to use. Join our community of hardware futurists to share ideas on the tools you want to build or want to see built, and together we’ll bring hardware design into the modern era!