The KittyCAD Diff Viewer

View changes to your models directly within GitHub with our extension for all Chrome, Edge, and Chromium-powered browsers. Use the industry-standard version control platform, supercharged with a rich CAD visualizer. Open-source and powered by the KittyCAD API.

2-up view of Diff Viewer on an example GitHub pull request

2-up view

For when you just need to see the before and after state of the model.

combined view of Diff Viewer on an example GitHub pull request

Combined view (experimental)

See the additions, deletions, and unchanged portions of your model in one 3D viewer.

Review model changes visually

Upload your models to GitHub and make safe, incremental changes to them with a full version history. And with our extension, you can now visually review your model with clear indications of what has changed between versions. Our extension overrides some of the GitHub interface to provide you with a full 3D view of your files, and two review modes: 2-up and combined.

Hey developers, fork this

We built the KittyCAD Diff Viewer to show the world that it’s easy to create revolutionary experiences when you combine the KittyCAD API with some software engineering know-how. We know you can build even more to craft apps hardware engineers need every day. Check out the project to learn more, or join us on Discord to talk about what you want to build.