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Your CAD program crashed your whole computer again?

Yeah... I should have been building with KITTYCAD.

Infrastructure for hardware design

Design demands have outpaced today’s hardware design infrastructure, and the industry is due for a refresh. We're laying the foundation to build modern hardware design tools, so that you can create new design workflows as fast as you can dream them up.

Introducing our Design API

Our Design API is being built from the ground up for modern computers, and will only get better as we continue to add new features. Validated through tools built by our team and our customers, our powerful engine is optimized for GPU performance from the ground up. We're solving the toughest problems in hardware design to bring the industry up to speed, so you and your team can focus on creating the tools you need the most.

The Geometry EngineMade for modern development

GPU Optimized

Our engine is optimized for GPU performance from the ground up. Whether your hardware design application runs streaming or locally, you can rest assured it will be running at the peak of modern graphics performance standards.

Remote Streaming

Our API-first infrastructure means that the KittyCAD Geometry Engine has been built from day one to support remote streaming. It is tightly integrated with the KittyCAD API to support remote sessions, meaning your users don’t need costly top-tier graphics cards.

Goodbye Triangles

The KittyCAD Geometry Engine creates boundary representations, not triangle-based meshes. Don’t worry, the KittyCAD API can convert your B-reps to meshes for you, too!

Tools we’re building

In addition to customers building tools on top of our API, we rigorously battle-test our API through our own tools. We’re building them in public, and we invite you to experience and rely on them for the long haul.

KittyCAD Modeling App

Public Alpha

A CAD modeling tool that brings the best of both worlds from point-and-click and code editing.

KittyCAD Diff Viewer

Public Alpha

A browser extension to make GitHub better for comparing changes to 3D models. Built using our file conversion API and ThreeJS.

KittyCAD Coming Soon

In development

Check back here for updates...


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  • Full API Access
  • 40 free minutes per month of API usage
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Are you ready? Build the future

KittyCAD develops advanced hardware design tools and infrastructure. Whether you build an automation from scratch, branch off from one of our starter tools, or just reach out to us to let us know what tools you want to see, we invite you to join us in building the future of hardware design.