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Pricing Plan

Payments Policy

As a code-based company, KittyCAD is taking a developer-focused paradigm for monetization. We charge per compute per API call instead of through complicated licensing schemas.

The purpose of this is to lower the bar for entry, creating a community focus, while driving team and enterprise support.

Stay tuned for the tiered Pricing Plan...

❗❗❗ Beta Notice

The tiered pricing plan mentioned above is still in the works.

For beta we are taking a strict open source versus user approach as we work out the kinks for the compute-based pricing. During this period, users are granted a certain number of credits as part of the trial period. When the credits are up, billing will start for all users who have not been approved as being part of open source.

Pricing policy for beta is as follows.

  • 50 cents a minute per conversion.
  • Minimum of a minute for requests; that is, requests under a minute are rounded up.
  • You will never be charged for failed requests. Only for successful responses.
  • Bills are received on a monthly basis.