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Design, manufacture, and manage hardware projects with KittyCAD's intuitive API: Workflow Automation, CAD Engine, and Application Frameworks. Any machine you want, any language you want.

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The tools we build with today are built on the shoulders of giants! But over time, mechanical CAD lost some of its roots of innovation. The hardware industry is desperate for the modern way to do mechanical design, so KittyCAD is providing the first API for hardware designers. We will be regularly sharing our vision for the future and what we’re working on, starting with this blog post from our Executive Chairman, Jordan Noone. To learn more about the current state of mechanical CAD, then keep scrolling to see how we’re ushering in a new era of building!

Our intuitive API

A fully integrated suite of hardware design products and infrastructure.

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Workflow Automation

To bring the automation and scripting aspect of the hardware design ecosystem into the modern era, we solve low barrier-to-entry features both for development and for adoption. Examples being file management, revision control, metadata access and use, and integration into other software tools including those that have easy access and use of CI/CD workflows like GitHub.

GPU Focused CAD Engine

Built from a gpu-focused approach, the geometry creation, model editing, and simulation benefit the users in speed, usability, and accuracy increasing reliability and rate of production. Additionally, since it's implemented with a code-first approach, any engine work has easy direct integration into any of our workflow automation tools. That is, CAD file manipulation becomes much more stream-lined for before/during/after any of the editing stages.

Application Frameworks

Our code-first approach allows KittyCAD to become a one-stop shop for all your hardware designer needs, allowing users to combine workflow automation and the CAD engine into a tighter, more advantageous feedback loop. Strong use-cases include: auto-generation of CAD geometries based on requirements, automatically pushing a completed verified design to manufacturing, multi-physics analysis of parts, edits of the base geometry to improve performance, and more.


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  • Full API Access
  • 40 Minutes per month of API usage included for free
  • After the free minutes, API usage is charged at the listed price



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One last meowment...

At its heart, KittyCAD is an infrastructure company. Compared to other infrastructure companies, we focus specifically on hardware designers to make their workflow more automated, modular, and reusable. Given our myriad of backgrounds, we understand the needed missing puzzle pieces to bridge the gap between the hardware and software worlds. As Beyoncé would put it, Mechanical CAD: we're gonna “upgrade you”!

To all the builders, present and future, with a vision of what they want to build, the future is just getting started, and we hope KittyCAD will help make your dream a reality!