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2022 Q4 roundup


  • We joined the Khronos group and the Metaverse Standards forum!
  • Maybe you saw us on Advent of Code? KittyCAD - Graphics, Rust, C++ hackers get in touch - we're always hiring!
  • We've open-sourced our documentation - have any edits, translations, or word recommendations? feel free to open a pr!
  • Did you find our litterbox page yet? Though we won't be building out an app, this is a great place to try out and play around with the api on the fly 🐱 - more samples will be added there soon as well!

What's New (Beta)

More things coming down the pipe!

Some Sneak Peeks of What's in Work

  • some mesh deformation endpoints (triangulation, simplification, smoothing, subdivision, minimizer) for our mesh && modeling system
  • non-triangle based model manipulations in the new year 😉
  • a way to visualize your work with our api... 🤓


New Blog Posts

  • 2022 Year in Review - Hannah Bollar Read Here!
  • Infrastructure for Hardware Design - Jordan Noone Read Here!