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Changelog entries


  • We joined the Khronos group and the Metaverse Standards forum!
  • Maybe you saw us on Advent of Code? KittyCAD - Graphics, Rust, C++ hackers get in touch - we're always hiring!
  • We've open-sourced our documentation - have any edits, translations, or word recommendations? feel free to open a pr!
  • Did you find our litterbox page yet? Though we won't be building out an app, this is a great place to try out and play around with the api on the fly 🐱 - more samples will be added there soon as well!


  • We've open-sourced our docs[repo] - find a typo or have a reword to clarify anything, feel free to make the change!


  • Billing has been turned on for all non-beta endpoints, specifically only for calls that actually do something (POST). (Why would we charge you for making an api call to check status on the api? That'd be insane.) Check out our product page for more information.
  • We joined the Nvidia Inception Program!!