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Simple, pay-as-you-go pricing.



  • Full API Access
  • 40 Free minutes per month of API usage


$0.50 / min

  • Full API Access
  • 40 Minutes per month of API usage included for free
  • After the free minutes, API usage is charged at the listed price



  • Coming soon!
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Important Info

  • 50 cents a minute per conversion.
  • Minimum of a minute for requests; that is, requests under a minute are rounded up.
  • You will never be charged for failed requests. Only for successful responses.
  • Bills are received on a monthly basis.
  • You are not charged for GET requests, only POST requests. This includes all endpoints except endpoints within the scope of your user such as updating your user's information, billing details, etc. For example, if you convert a CAD file (requiring a POST request) you are charged for that request. You are not charged for any requests to the GET endpoint if your request was run async and you want to get the status of your conversion.