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Our mission is bringing code to hardware design; making it fully programmable, user friendly, multi-threaded, and fast. Our goal is to decrease the time of development, and inspire a new era of creators to help anyone and everyone engineer their dreams!

KittyCAD is focused on building the CAD of the future. To learn more about the problems with mechanical CAD today please read Mechanical CAD: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

Additional Info

Be sure to checkout out our first blog post and crunchbase for more information.

Values && Principles 🐱

We truly believe in the Values && Principles that we’ve stipulated below and use these not only as a way to define company focus and product benchmarks, but also as genuine metrics for team interactions and individual performance.

Our Values:

Curiosity, Accountability, Tenacity

Our Principles:

Authenticity, Kind Candor, Drive, Focus, Integrity, Mentorship